Trust Administration

Trust Administration

As Real Estate experts, we understand administration Bookkeeping of your trust accounts is an important part of running your business. Our experienced staff can assist with reconciliation, roll overs, trouble shooting and increasing efficiency.

Helping new businesses

New businesses often find trust management challenging and once an error occurs, it can compound into a larger problem. For new businesses, Live can provide over site, reconciliations and month-end roll overs until the business grows to a point where a member of staff owns the full trust process. Even then, Live can provide support for reconciliation work, month end or just periodical review of procedure to ensure everything is in order.

Helping mature businesses

For mature businesses where an employee manages trust administration, Live can perform periodical reviews to review the trust administration processes and procedures.  This can help identify any areas that may need attention prior to the annual audit.  In addition, our independent review can identify potential improvements that can be made to improve efficiencies.

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